Salon Services: Hair Treatments

Hair Treatment Cocktail

Blue Hawaii:  $16
For our Blond Bombshells!  If you tend to pull brassy tones and you like a soft, cool blonde, this treatment is for you.

Mudslide:  $16
For our Beautiful Brunettes!  If you're a brunette and you LOVE glossy warm browns, you'll love our Mudslide treatment.

Purple Haze:  $16
For our funky clients!  If you love that vibrant purple, our Purple Haze is a treatment that will preserve your color and help it last longer.

Black Velvet:  $16
The Kardashians' don't have anything on our black haired clients!  The Black Velvet treatment locks in a beautiful black tone, and is sealed with a gloss.

Red Headed Slut:  $16
We have to keep our Red Heads Fire Hott!  This treatment does just that!


Sleek On The Beach:  $14
This is special for our sleek, straight dolls!  Our Sleek on the Beach hairtinis are formulated specifically for our clients who want to have shiny and smooth hair.

Flirtini:  $14
If you're looking for voluminous, sexy hair, trust me - you need this!  Our Flirtini is a cocktail full of weightless ingredients that will keep your hair full.

Hurricane:  $14
OK ladies ... If you have frizzy, untamed hair, try this Hairtini.  It is cocktailed especially for those who need humidity resistant protection, shine, and moisture to those ends to prevent dry and damaged hair.

Spritzer:  $16
Add some gloss to your color!  All girls love shine!